About Unhinge

Lili Weckler/Unhinge is a platform for hybrid performances, incorporating choreographic, musical, theatrical, and visual elements. We use the technical skills associated with both dance and musical composition to create theatrical works that blend narrative and non-narrative structures, create new worlds onstage, and explore the body as a site for social and political inquiry. We cultivate an intimate quality in the way performers relate to each other, the audience, and the materials we bring onstage. Lili choreographs as a provocateur, drawing deeply individual movement and music from the bodies of my collaborators, which in turn provokes my own aesthetic vision.

We work collaboratively to identify our own unconscious embodiments of the cultural and economic systems we live in, and to build a community that allows us to collectively seek lines of flight, to reach for alternative experiences of ourselves and each other. Ours is an experimental-experiential stage, one that invites audiences into a communal space in which they can enact their own personal dreaming.

Centering thematically around the intersections of gender, race and class, the broader framework underlying our work is the dynamic between the global consequences of our political and economic system, and our personal experiences of internalizing, processing, and sometimes denying the effects these consequences have on our bodies. We explore how the small stories of our personal experiences collide with collective memories, like the process of mechanization of the body.

The body’s stores of information are vast, and it can be easy to misplace our sense of possibility inside ourselves. Through choreography and music, my pieces invite viewers and participants to excavate their experience of the violence inherent in contemporary capitalism, and exhume the anger, fear, wisdom, and hope buried in our muscles, organs and psyches, as resources to instigate change.

Unhinge is fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts, has shown work at ODC, Joe Goode Annex, and at Counterpulse, and has received funding from the Fleishhacker Foundation.

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